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Faja Colombiana Short Bodysuit, Abdomen Control & Butt Lifter. Waist Definition ( Ref. O-012 )


Shapewear FTC Colombian Fajas

Colombian girdle to mold the body and to help to reduce measures. Daily Use, Post Surgery, and Postpartum use. It is designed with high-quality materials and technology since its intelligent fabrics contain elements of nature such as Seaweed, Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba, Cosmacol. The active ingredients Spa & Care and Strim Shape are designed to hydrate and protect the skin from free radicals. It also remineralizes, rebalances, rehydrates and repairs the skin, creating a sensation of softness.

Shapewear Product Details:

- Lateral closure with internal clasps to avoid marking on clothes.

- Body Shaper with double abdominal reinforcement.

- Super Butt Lifter.

- Waist Trainer Effect.

- Elastic lace on the legs that helps it from being noticed on the clothes.

- Special packaging for Cold Therapy.

- It helps to control the internal and external parts of the leg.

- It helps to correct posture.

 Fajas colombianasFajas colombianas




* Results may vary depending on the use and body structure.

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